reside [rɪˈzaɪd] vb 1 to make home in a particular place or community.

 reside is an ongoing project, exploring the themes of residency and home. 
© Karen Pamplin Browne

Joshua Raffell’s workshop  © Karen Pamplin Browne

Karen Pamplin Browne is currently exploring spaces where artists work at home. Artists who are interested in participating are encouraged to contact Karen:
Follow our blog for updates and news about future events.

The reside project began as an artists’ residency and exhibition at The Stone Space Gallery in Leytonstone in January 2013. Karen Pamplin Browne and Catherine Pamplin responded to the question:

‘What is home and what does it mean to have one?’

Catherine’s paintings explore literal and material connotations of home, personal memories, geographic and political boundaries and the psychological need for stability and belonging.

Karen’s work explores both her personal interpretations of home, the evolution of The Stone Space residency and the discourse generated during the residency. Karen also established the reside blog as part of this project.

The reside project is participatory and ongoing. All visitors are invited to respond to the above question about home.

The reside exhibition celebrated the poems, prose, photographs and artworks that were inspired, created and collected in response to the reside residency. Having received very positive feedback, we now intend to keep the reside project alive in virtual form via the reside blog and plan to organise a future residency or exhibition of works made on the same theme. If you would like to be involved do get in touch.

Karen Pamplin Browne 07930 165123

Catherine Pamplin 07904 809006

On the left of this page you can click on links to the blog and our work.

We thank The Stone Space gallery for their support establishing this project. 

The Stone Space Gallery, 6 Church Lane, Leytonstone, E11 1HG
Opening Times: Thurs & Fri 2-6pm, Sat 12-5pm, Sun 12-4pm
Click here to go to The Stone Space website.

6 thoughts on “reside

  1. I have sometimes described my interaction with my home as building a nest rather than “interior decor”. I live alone and it is very obviously an outer expression of my inner world.

  2. I have always valued space and been homeless several times, which can be both liberating and encarcerating if in the wrong home. .The one time I afforded the luxery to live alone, i lived in a converted toilet at the back of a cafe I worked, it was small, it was mine, it was Liberating.
    A room of ones own always is in my head to me the happiest i have been whilst living in turkey in 1987 was living in a room with several pets surrounded by the beauty of the mediteranean sea.. priceless. i can make a home within hours of moving in and diassemble as easily, i live mininmally as a result and my precious items are small but consists of letters, photos and little gifts. Home to me is where I nest and feel safe.
    In the hardest times of being a lodger i roamed around nomadically never wanting to go home..thank heaves those days did pass.

    Good luck with the project julie

  3. Hi Cat, (Joshua Raffell) I came in and spoke to you regards your project and really liked the concept, we spoke briefly about doing a collaboration and I would like to take this further. Continuing our conversation of the darker side of the home.
    It would be great if I could come by the studio on Friday any time that suits you and develop idea together. I am free all day so any time that suits you. Best Josh

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